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Kiet and Haley’s DIY Baby Shower

This weekend I got to co-host a baby shower for one of my BEST besties, Haley,  (who I actually met 7 years ago for the first time when she hired me to shoot her wedding! Since then, we have been near inseparable!)  This baby shower couldn’t have come at more of a crazy time of year for me…but with the help of a long time bestie (Nikole) and the baby mama’s sister (Christie), we were able to pull together a DIY Pinterest-inspired floral theme baby shower.   We had a pretty small decorating and food budget (sorry to all who left hungry! HA HA)…so we came up with some out of the box thinking (most of which came from Nikole’s brain of resourcefulness).

The night before the baby shower.  To keep it cost conscious – we purchased all of our florals from the grocery store (specifically HEB).  I actually picked up the peonies from my local HEB in Austin that my morning when I drove in from Houston.  We did 5 bunches of peonies, 1 bunch of 25 stems of small roses and 3 bunches of dozen of the bigger roses in varying shades of reds/pinks/orange.


Meet US!  (From left:  Christie, Mariae, Haley and Nikole).


AHHH!  This was our BIG “Pinterest” project.  We had spent a good month pinning inspo photos on our pinterest board…and basically pinned and did nothing else – until the night before the shower, where we basically went F!!!!!  So armed with florals but no greens – we started to think outside the box…which meant going to the baby mama’s house and pilfering her fireplace garland.  Then we supplemented that with REAL greenery/vines that Nikole chopped down (with her butcher knife) in the rain from her back fence.  We washed  the vines in the bathtub (washed Husker, Nikole’s puppy 3x because he kept running out in the rain/mud when we were looking for greens).  I cut them up into manageable lengths and floral taped it together to a giant garland…and randomly inserted cut roses into it.  VOILA!   Just like the pros – except you can’t really touch it, because nothing is really secured. LOL!


Christie finished off the mantle with frames, baby photos, ultrasounds and candles.  We filled the fireplace pit with items (anything that we owned that were white/gold/pink) around our own homes – plus some giant paper florals that I made when I thought we were going to do a paper floral theme.  (It’s SUPER time consuming – so that got nixed quickly!)


This was the pinterest-inspired fireplace that we used as a reference.  What do you guys think?  Nailed it or Failed it?


During one of our text conversations, Haley mentioned that she was going to wear a particular dress in case there was going to be a floral crown for her.  Which meant the morning of the baby shower…I was making her a floral crown with the leftover roses and greenery…



And since I was already prepping…we went ahead and set up a DIY Floral Crown Station for the guests.

We fancy.  Eating on real plates.:)

Powdered donuts tower and the diaper cake!  Haley didn’t really want a diaper cake…so I tried to make one as “undiapery” as possible

Amber’s pink candy dipped pretzel sticks!!

The baby shower gift, we kept with the garden/floral theme.  Each jar was hand painted by Christie.  We filled it with potting soil, included a seed bag and tied it with a little note from us.


Of course we had to have baby games….the first one was to measure the baby bump…

Kiet measured both of their bellies to fit!

This cake!!!!  Christie seriously whipped this lemon cake up the morning of the baby shower….

Second baby game…involved a small teddy bear, diaper and a sleep mask.  For this game…we asked everyone to:  1)  pair up; 2) choose a number between 1 and 2; 3) number 1 stood in front…number 2 in the back with the sleep mask on; 4) person in the back diaper the teddy bear with only verbal instructions from their partner….hilarity ensues.


19 seconds!!!  This mama has three boys…so she is used to diapering fast…

But the final winner at 17 seconds….team Double T.

These cute baby cowboy boots were Kiet’s (baby’s daddy) boots!!!  Seriously.  So stinkin’ cute!

Boys can love baby showers too!:)

All the ladies!

The gorgeous mama to be!  I LOVE YOU!  (No snapchat filter needed!)

Before everyone was allowed to leave – we asked the guests to write a story or a memory that they have with Kiet+Haley.  Each letter was then individually sealed for her to read on her 18th birthday.