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Poppy Lee : Baby

Baby/Toddler shoots can sometimes feel like they are too deceivingly easy when I get a ONE year old in front of my camera who is so accommodating, happy and utterly perfect….and I’ve shot enough babies/toddlers to KNOW that is not always the case.  But  that was exactly what happened yesterday at Poppy’s photo shoot…and although her mom told me that she was a pretty easy child (I do hear that A LOT), I’m pretty sure the 30 minute power nap she had in the car helped.   I’m not sure if any of you guys reading this are longtime “stalkers” of Pink Posh, but Poppy belongs to Jennifer and Adam, who tied the knot in 2009.  (You guys might remember Jen’s bridals+boudoir session from back then: Yups, this is still one of my favorite session – mainly because of the crazy ideas I would throw out at Jen and she would just blindly agree to.)…..BUT back to Poppy.  Umm…she’s absolutely ADORBS.  Plus, she just turned the big O-N-E a few days ago!!!  You guys, help me wish a Happy Birthday to Poppy!!!

Jen wanted to keep Poppy’s photo shoot very clean and modern, so that her personality would shine through…which was perfect, because I was dying to use my seamless backdrops.  Now I’m obsessed.

How perfect is Poppy in her blue jeans and gold sandals?

She’s definitely catalogue ready.:)

A girl after my own heart.  As soon as her mom gave her a book, she ran over and sat down to read.  LOVE!

Those cheeks!!!!

We sang Itsy Bitsy Spider together here.:)

Love how big her smiles are!

THIS. PHOTO.  She killed it.

I DIE.  Her fur jacket, floral dress and those curls…I can’t even.  She’s perfection.

I daresay Poppy may be too cool for us.  You make the judgement.:)

Some candids / play around photos.:)

And when playing gets too tiresome…WE REST.

I told you guys she was perfect.

So I thought I would share some outtakes – because kids are going to be kids.  They play, they run, they have an attention span of a 2 year old…or rather in Poppy’s case, a 1 year old.  And at the end of the day, isn’t it really all about the in-between moments?

This random photo is one of my FAVORITE from the session.

August 26, 2014 - 3:25 am

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