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Anna + Vinh : 10 Years Wedding Anniversary

Stalkers, I’m not quite sure what sort of sorcery happened today, but I MUST share.  Today, Anna and Vinh celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary and asked me if I would take some photos of them at the church they exchanged vows at AND had their children baptized.  Of course I immediately felt a kinship to them, because my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this year as well.  I’m not sure how Anna did it, but she was able to get her husband in full tux to spend a few hours with me for photographs. (Small confession – I tried to convince my husband to do photos for our 10 year anniversary as well…and HAH!  THAT, of course, did not happen.)  With Vinh in full tux, Anna shows up in a wedding dress.  She tells me she wore this on her wedding day!  What??  Who fits their wedding dress from 10 years ago???  AND, because at this point I’m pretty sure this isn’t even real life anymore, Anna tells me she just had her FOURTH baby six weeks ago.  If having four babies mean looking like Anna, gimme about a dozen of them.   I told you.  This is absolute sorcery.

Anna and Vinh, Happy Anniversary!!:)



November 20, 2015 - 11:17 pm

Thuy Nguyen - ❤️

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