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Kat and Huy : Married

It’s always such a treat for us to be able to shoot a destination wedding, and that sweetness doubles when the wedding is back near our hometown of Biloxi, Mississippi.  Earlier this month, we got to spend Saturday with Kat and Huy on the Mississippi Gulfcoast for a beautiful daytime wedding with a reception overlooking the beach.  The day started out rainy and gloomy, but true to legit stalker form, Kat and Huy (to be KatHuy for short, not unlike Brangelina) was up for anything, even if that meant doing a first look in the rain.

The view from the bride’s room.  This beautiful white sand beach boasts the title of the Longest Man-made Beach in the World.

Swooning over all the lace detail on this sneakerhead bride’s wedding dress.

Kat decided to keep it real with her jewelry…most notably her Apple I-Watch.

All the little details on the groom….can’t forget that matching Apple I-Watch.


Because even a sneakerhead love Loubies.

I have to give props to KatHuy for coming up with this idea for their first look!

Yes, it was raining.   And yes, this was before the ceremony.  And no, I didn’t make them do this.  Love it when couples are so invested in their vision of their wedding day.

We dried off inside the lobby where we gathered the rest of the wedding party for some photos.

I know couples go back and forth about the merits of having a first look…but I love it because we get to take photos like these and in locations that we may not have an opportunity to go back to later on that day.

It’s always okay to wear your Jordan 11′s 72-10 with a tuxedo.

Here comes the bride…da da da da….

The prettiest little church that we’ve ever shot on the Gulfcoast.

This is how true sneakerheads get married….with their red bottoms on – because we all know if it’s raining, those sneakers staying home.:)

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. KatHuy!:)

Ugh. Kat.  Why you gotta be so pretty?

Since it was a daytime wedding, we had plenty of time to do more photos with the bride and groom and their wedding party.  Kat asked me what I thought about going out to her dad’s shrimp boat for the session.  Stalkers, I about died when she said that (in a good way).  The Mississippi Gulfcoast has such a rich history with the seafood industry and a lot of families make their living one way or another in this industry.  So, I was absolutely ecstatic that she wanted to incorporate that part of her family history into her wedding photos.

And as soon as we ran out of daylight, we ended with the new Mr. and Mrs. KatHuy  with one last pose.  Congratulations!:)





Reception:  ST. THOMAS HALL    |  Wedding Cake:  MELISSA SPECIALTY CAKES



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