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Randi and Marco : Engaged

Yesterday got me feeling like woah.  So let me warn you that I will be utterly abstract.  I saw things yesterday that I should never have had to seen ever…but you run that risk when shooting around Downtown Houston.  I can’t even tell you the details on what this is, because it will most certainly pollute your mind and I would have in absolute certainty ruin your Monday.  So instead, let me blog this amazingly gorgeous couple, who experienced YESTERDAY with me in all its glory…and well, unglory.  And at the end of it all, just remember when you see a photo of a couple smiling or laughing, think about what might be happening right outside of the frame, because surely, the entire story is always 100 times more interesting than what a frame can depict.  Thank you Randi and Marco for not running off, for being so graceful, and for only silently freaking out!:)

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