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Niti + Ankit + Rohan : Family

About 3.5 years ago, Niti and Ankit commissioned me to shoot for just a couple of hours on their wedding day…to which my friend and I ended up crashing the remainder of the event – because, let’s be real, wedding photographers have no idea how to spend a Saturday night unless it’s at a wedding.

Blog from that day here:

So fast forward to a 1.5 weeks ago…and I get to meet up with Niti and Ankit AGAIN – but this time with a plus one.  Well, actually if we’re crunching numbers, this was more of a plus 1/2.  Stalkers, this little chunky ball of HAPPY is Rohan and I’m absolutely head over heels in love.  (By the way, Niti and Ankit told me that I get to be their family official photographer!  Woohoo!  If every session is as easy and joyful as this one, I’m IN!)

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