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Megan and Clay : Married

A wedding outdoor in Austin, Texas with a pink ruffly wedding dress?  Yes, PLEASE!  Stalkers, meet Megan and Clay. They tied the knot out at the beautiful Barr Mansion.  It started to rain a little bit on their wedding day, but as soon as it was time for the wedding to start, all the rain clouds disappeared, and we were left with beautiful overcast.  Absolute perfection for a wedding under a big oak tree.

The beautiful Barr Mansion.  Stalkers, one of the very first wedding I’ve ever shot in Austin was at Barr Mansion, so this place holds a lot of memories for me.

The bride with her girls and her mom, saying a quick prayer before Megan heads out for her First Look!

Before we get to the First Look, Megan asked her dad to escort her down to Clay.  This moment between Megan and her dad were just too wonderful not to share.

Finally!  Clay’s first moment with Megan…

Stalkers!  THIS hug right here!!!!  This is why I always encourage a First Look if you have the time.

And since we had some extra time, we did some couple photos around the venue before the guests arrive.

I love all the details on the bridal bouquet.  Lace handkerchief and gold locket give this peony bouquet a personal touch.

It started to sprinkle just a tad, so we headed back inside.  Clay took this moment to give Megan her gift and note.

Wedding Party PICTURES!  I love that since we got the “First Look” out of the way…we were able to have plenty of time with the wedding party!

Love that Megan dressed her bridesmaids in white dresses.

Boys will be boys!

Instead of your typical bride’s photo with her wedding party, Megan wanted to personalize it by showing how they first met.  Adore their creativity and goofiness!

I found these two through the windows when we were walking back into Barr Mansion to regroup before the ceremony… cute are their little outfits?

Some ceremony details.  Instead of a unity candle or sand, Megan and Clay decided to plant a cactus together to start off their life together.

The bible bearer.  LOVE!

Almost every wedding..there’s that last silent moment/look between the dad and the bride that I absolutely love finding when going through images.

And Clay’s first look at Megan walking down the aisle.  Yes, he has “seen” her already, but I promise you that there’s still lots of butterflies left over.

I love this look Megan gave her mom before she gets to Clay.

These BLUE heels right here.  It’s in memory of Megan’s sister who although couldn’t be with her in person was definitely there with her in spirit.  I mean how else could you have explained the beautiful weather and gorgeous sunlight.

Officially MR. and MRS!!!

One word.  Awesome.

The descent.  It’s still awesome.

Seriously, this light.  I dragged Megan and Clay over to this spot and kicked out the guests who were here hanging out.  Yes, THIS light.  If you see it, covet it for yourself!

ADORABLE.  Megan and her nephew.

I heart suspenders.  Umm…to all my future grooms, can you please let us know if you have suspenders under that jacket?  Thanks!

I saw the bridesmaid doing this….

…so I placed Megan and Clay here!:)

More adorableness…

…mixed with some silliness.

I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding that had lawn games!

Barr Mansion locally sourced organic food.  So DELISH!

Stalkers, I have a weakness for baby’s breath in mason jars at weddings.  Like a really serious weakness for them.

First Dance!

This cake feeding picture seriously cracks me up everytime I come across it.

And I love that this little guy is holding THREE forks under his chin!

I found out that the boys had some cigar time in mind…so of course I had to take advantage of the situation…

Yeah.  Seriously one of my favorite groom’s portraits…

Megan and Clay had a live jazz band at their wedding…I love this guy and his “instrument”!

Yes, it was this KIND of party.:)

Megan surprised Clay by serenading him with You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.

An Austin version of the second line.:)

Yummy late night snack.

Congratulations Megan and Clay!

October 19, 2013 - 5:00 am

Suzanne Sentyrz Klapmeier - Unbelievable beautiful photos taken at the precise perfect time!!!! Such timing!!! And the bride and groom are gorgeous too! Well done! Thanks for sharing.

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