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Calvin and My : Engaged

Stalkers, I heart NYC.  It took me a while to like it the first time and now I’m addicted to that crazy city.  I love the food (OMG, THE FOOD!), the massive amount of people, the bricks, the subway, the HISTORY of the city, and I especially love the smoke coming up from below the city during the fall/wintertime.  So, I’m heading back there in just a few weeks, because I’m sure the city misses me as much as I miss it.  Which got me to thinking that I needed to share Calvin and My’s esession out there in New York in early September during Fashion Week.  (Smart move right?)  Calvin and My love the whole Great Gatsby / Vintage theme, so I thought for their esesh blog, I’ll give it an old school black and white treatment.

Stalkers, meet Calvin and My.   We started the shoot around Bryant Park.  I adore suspenders and bowties and cute lace dresses.

Then we went to my favorite place in the city, The New York City Public Library. There was a wedding happening when we got here.:)

But I found this little empty nook on the side of the library that was just begging to be in photos.

We of course headed over to Grand Central Terminal.  It’s a must for that vintage theme session.

In a city with a gabillions people, we happened upon an empty subway track.

We finished up the shoot in the middle of Times Square.

No, this road was not closed for cars.  We waited and waited and waited for a yellow cab to take photos in front of…You would think they would be a dime a dozen.  Apparently, not when you’re looking for them.  So an empty road in Times Square it is.  (Who knew this would even be possible??!!!)

Finally!!!  A cab!!!  Success!

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