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Simmi and Greg : Married

Stalkers, one of my favorite type of weddings to shoot are Hindu wedding.  I absolutely LOVE everything about it.  There’s so much culture and tradition…and yes, its A LOT of hours, my body is absolutely sore after a long weekend of shooting…but it remains a favorite of mine.  Usually, I have a pretty good idea of how everything is going to go down on the wedding day…especially a Hindu wedding since I’ve shot gajillion of them by now.  But at every turn, I would find something unexpected.  Something that would make me giggle in surprise and joy.  Props to Jignasa with KI Weddings   for turning out such an amazing wedding for Simmi and Greg at The Allan House!

This wedding weekend started off on a Wednesday.  Simmi’s getting some major Henna done in preparation for her wedding!

It always amazes how Henna artists are able to just freehand this stuff AND duplicate it on the opposite hand.  Crazy talent!

Simmi and Greg had their rehearsal dinner at Parkside on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas.

Peppers for the table center!!! Love this!

Afterwards everyone headed over to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar for some late night shenanigans!

Simmi and Greg held the Grah Shanti at their house the day before the wedding.  This basically kickstarts the wedding weekend.

Wedding day prep!!!

I love hanging flower garlands.

The gorgeous mandap.  Yes, that is the sun backlighting the mandap…which I have to admit that when I saw that, I may have spun around in joy for a little bit.

The baraat!  Love the boombox.  I especially LOVE the elephant from Oklahoma.

Downtown Austin was invaded by an out of state elephant that weekend.  I’m curious to see if random strangers instagrammeed about it.

Simmi watching the Baraat from upstairs.

Some serious hops.

The sitar player.  Stalkers, everytime I see a sitar player, I am reminded of Moulin Rouge.  There may have even been an instance or two where I might wanted to scream out:  ”The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”    But I didn’t.  Why?  Self-control.  

The bride’s mom usually meet the groom and gives him her blessing…

…and grabs his nose.  Why is the nose grab important you may ask?  It means if she’s able to grab a hold of his nose…Greg will have to do everything Simmi’s mom ask of him…..FOREVER.  Like, Forever Ever.

One more photo of the beautiful outdoor ceremony space at the Allan House.

In a Hindu wedding, the bride are usually escorted by her uncles.

“First Look.”

And the official start of the wedding ceremony.  If you’ve never been to one and get a chance…GO!!!  Its gorgeous, beautiful, meaningful.

Stalkers.  I died.  Seriously died when I found out that Simmi and Greg decided to bring in food trucks for lunch.  I heart food trucks.

These two right here.  They make me crave ice cream.

Seriously, CoolHaus needs this little guy for their spokesperson.

Usually after the wedding ceremony, there’s about a 3-5 hours break before the reception.  Ever wonder what happens in the in-between?  The bride gets completely redone and ready again.

We had a little bit of time before cocktail hour, so Greg and Simmi went with me to the Baylor Street Art Wall for a quick couple session.

All the glorious little details.

Mr. and Mrs.!!

The cake cut…

Nothing to see here.  Just your average feeding…


Bollywood dance performances for the guests.

The dancers actually taught the guests a couple of simple steps…which then turned this wedding into a giant flash mob.

I love it when first dances are this perfect.

Stalkers, what you are witnessing here…is the end of the shoe negotiation.  (You see, earlier that day, Greg’s shoes got stolen from the bride’s side.  He had to negotiate to get it back.)  Here they are shaking on the deal.  Usually, it involves a couple of Benjamins…however, this negotiation deal was one of the best I’ve seen.

Greg had to take a shot with one of the brides”man.”  I SAW what they put in the glass…um….NO THANK YOU!

Then he had to serenade to his new bride.  YES PLEASE!

PEDICAB exit!!!

Til Death Do Us Part.  Simmi and Greg, this means Forever.  Like, Forever Ever.  Congratulations!

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