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Hailey – Senior Session

Stalkers, I’m just going to jump right into it and confess…I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m crushing on this gorgeous girl right now.  It might even be more than a crush, it’s most likely head over heels in love.  Meet Hailey and her perfect AF hair.:)

Perfect outfit.  Team Never Quit tee paired with Boot Campaign combat boots.  But really,  if there’s any 18 year old out there who embodies the “Never Quit’ mentality, it’s Hailey.  You can watch her story here:  One of the many reasons, she’s my girl crush.

The other reason is because any girl who drives a Challenger is completely bada$$ in my book and have a hold of my heart.


…and this.  By the way, can I just share a little behind the scene secret with you guys? It was starting to get pretty dark, so I needed to light Hailey’s face.   In the backseat of her car is my lighting assistant.  This was actually his first time lighting for me and I was thoroughly impressed with him. His name is Axe.  He’s 4 years old.  And he’s Marcus Luttrell’s son.  You know, because I only want to have the best helping me.

Well, hello there.

I’m in love with this one.

More on why there’s powder during a senior session on another blog.:) Or just go on our instagram (pinkposhphotogs) to see sneaks of the powder portion of the photoshoot.

Libby : Senior Session

Stalkers, meet the beautiful Libby.  She is a high school graduate this year and I was fortunate enough to be asked to be her photographer.  This sweet girl shared her special weekend with her older sister who the evening before the session received a marriage proposal!  On the day of the session, the entire family (mom, dad, sisters, AND brand new future brother-in-law) joined us on the session, as we did part of Libby’s senior session at a brand new upcoming wedding venue – The Folmar.  (By the way, I’ve been helping consulting on the space – through a photographer’s viewpoint, and I CANNOT WAIT to come back here to shoot after all the renovations are done! It’s going to be absolutely amazing.)  So, while I wait for that time to come around, let’s meet the sweet Libby.


We started the session out at my friend’s house where I was staying for the weekend before heading out to The Folmar.


My friend’s son showed me this random boat that had been on the property for a while and of course, I LOVE random old boats so this was perfect for me.  I simply asked Libby….how adventurous are you?  She said she was pretty adventurous and so we made our way through some heavy thickets to get to this rotted beauty.


So we finally made our way out to The Folmar…and the first place we hit was the currently being renovated man-cave for the groom and his fellas.  A prop we found in the space…because really, why  not?


Well hello there beautiful.:)


That light tho.


Every senior session deserves confetti!


This girl!  But seriously, my favorites from the day.



February 20, 2016 - 11:04 pm

Susie Burns Baker - Love all of these~ love this girl also!!!

February 16, 2016 - 3:09 am

Leigh Ann Ranslem - What a gorgeous girl shown through the eye of a wildly talented photographer! well done, friends

Niti + Ankit + Rohan : Family

About 3.5 years ago, Niti and Ankit commissioned me to shoot for just a couple of hours on their wedding day…to which my friend and I ended up crashing the remainder of the event – because, let’s be real, wedding photographers have no idea how to spend a Saturday night unless it’s at a wedding.

Blog from that day here:

So fast forward to a 1.5 weeks ago…and I get to meet up with Niti and Ankit AGAIN – but this time with a plus one.  Well, actually if we’re crunching numbers, this was more of a plus 1/2.  Stalkers, this little chunky ball of HAPPY is Rohan and I’m absolutely head over heels in love.  (By the way, Niti and Ankit told me that I get to be their family official photographer!  Woohoo!  If every session is as easy and joyful as this one, I’m IN!)

Thien and Joe : Married

So this happened on Saturday.  This pretty little wedding that made it all official for Thien and Joe.  And although it seemed at first glance,  like any other weddings, with all your usual wedding week ups and downs, the bride told me that she may have had more than the usual share of wedding week hiccups. First she said that her dad suffered a fall during the rehearsal, so he had to be taken to the ER that night.  ACK!  And before that, one of her church reader was mugged and quite understandably shook up from it.  Stalkers, I’ve been shooting weddings for 10 years, and I have heard and seen just about everything…but this, this was my first.  And yet how the bride was able to stay so calm and graceful on her wedding day is a skill that is beyond what I could ever have mustered.  With every wedding that I shoot, I aim to take away a personality trait that I can benefit and learn from, and Thien has definitely shown me what it is to be so graceful under pressure.


Stalkers, meet Thien, the bride.  She’s getting an insane amount of blush (you can thank Tim with TSquared for that) on just her right cheek by her matron of honor, Mimi – who by the way, was also one of my PinkPosh brides a couple of years ago! Mimi is two weeks away from her due date…and I honestly thought with the way the wedding week was going, there was a really good chance that Mimi may go into labor that night.  (She didn’t – or at least by 11pm she was still pregnant!)

The flower girl AND the bride’s 3 year old daughter waiting patiently for her mom to get done getting prettied.

Obsessing over the pretty little robes that all the girls are wearing!

Well HELLO there Valentino.

Most Vietnamese weddings start the morning with a tea ceremony.  Here are the groomsmen bringing in the gifts to the bride’s house.

Typically a representative from the groom’s side comes to the door first and ask the bride’s family for permission to enter the house.

After the groom’s family enter and introductions are made, the bride is typically escorted out by one of the older females in the household.

One of my favorite capture of the couple during the tea ceremony by Johnny (my second shooter.)

Usually the bride is presented with some sort of jewelry by the groom’s mom, that she’ll keep on for the rest of the tea ceremony.  (So, disclaimer…this tea ceremony actually did not have any tea involved.  The couple decided to nix the tea part of the ceremony.)

The beautiful bride in her gorgeous white lace ao dai.

These two!  The ringer bearer and flower girl.  Ya’ll this IS her happy face.  That she is EVEN looking at the camera is a HUGE WIN for me!

All the pretty little nieces!

A quick kiss for mommy.  LOVING THIS!

And a moment between the bride and her mom.

The bride’s brother stepped in at the last moment to walk her down the aisle.

Hali (my sister) told me that she loves the photos at church with the cross in the reflection somewhere.  This is now a goal for me.:)

Okay.  I’m going to complain right here.  This first kiss was soooo quick, I’m not even sure it happened.  Next time, please count to 3 Mississippis.  Thanks.:)

When bouquets start flying, it’s about to get real.  But really, that groomsmen expression is everything.

I heart these two.

Lien over at Prestige Events always does such an amazing job on florals.

The levitating wedding cake.  Because, table legs are sooooo 2015.

I love how romantic the head table looks.  Gorgeous work.

I love all the little details that HoneyDew Events and Prestige Events does for the decor.

That moment right before they walk into their reception.

First dance as husband and wife.

So I  noticed that the challenge with a levitating cake is that it swings back and forth as the couple try to cut it.  Yeah, pretty sure if it was me, that cake would have toppled over and I would have had to ask the guests to grab a piece of cake from the floor.

This. picture. tho.

Congratulations Thien and Joe!



 Coordinator:  HONEYDEW EVENTS

Hair and Makeup:  PINK PALETTE  |  Videographer:  TSQUARED PRODUCTIONS

Florist and Lighting:  PRESTIGE EVENTS  |  Church:  CHRIST THE REDEEMER

DJ Entertainment:  TRAXION MUSIC  |  Photobooth:  FABYOUBOOTH

 Reception:  KIM SON BALLROOM (Jefferson Location)  |  Transportation:  HOUSTON LIMOUSINE

Wedding Cake:  CO KHANH

Randi and Marco : Engaged

Yesterday got me feeling like woah.  So let me warn you that I will be utterly abstract.  I saw things yesterday that I should never have had to seen ever…but you run that risk when shooting around Downtown Houston.  I can’t even tell you the details on what this is, because it will most certainly pollute your mind and I would have in absolute certainty ruin your Monday.  So instead, let me blog this amazingly gorgeous couple, who experienced YESTERDAY with me in all its glory…and well, unglory.  And at the end of it all, just remember when you see a photo of a couple smiling or laughing, think about what might be happening right outside of the frame, because surely, the entire story is always 100 times more interesting than what a frame can depict.  Thank you Randi and Marco for not running off, for being so graceful, and for only silently freaking out!:)